What’s in a name?
Before being pushed towards a role,
or political view,
we are given a name.
A name is what grounds us.
A name is how we identify, connect.
How our Mothers summon us. Our name is whispered,
written, heard, shared.
Our names become tattoos – a permanent “I love you.”
Gold letters melt and bend to make our names shine
On a necklace, bracelet, or ring – an ode to celebrate you.
How many times has Mama done the same?
Melt and bend, bend and melt. Still, she shines.
That’s why her name rings out!
We speak, write, hear, and share her name with love.
“Mom.” That’s how she is summoned, celebrated.
Always connected, in a name.

-Marz Lovejoy “Her Name Rings Out”
for GirlsOnly NY x SHE2K MOM Collection, 2024.