Our studio is located on the Crown Heights/Bed-Stuy boarder of Brooklyn, New York.

1193 Atlantic Ave
Studio 2A
Brooklyn, Ny 11216

The closest public transportation is the A train, Nostrand Ave stop. B44 Select Fulton Ave stop.
If driving, there is usually metered parking out front.

$250 minimum*

Most tattoo request are given a quoted price range
Larger or more detailed designs have a rate of $250-$300 per hr

*This does not apply to flash specials
GirlsOnly Ny is now accepting guest artist. We welcome all professional, licensed artist who align with our mission.
Guest artist have two options in rates, 30% or a daily rate of $150-250*. Our artist guest station is fully equipped with all supplies excluding machines, power supply, ink and needles. All guest artist must abide to the shop minimum of $175.

If you're interested in hearing more details please reach out to talknice@tattoosbycake.com.

*daily rate is determined from length of stay
A touch up is included with each tattoo. This must be done within 6 months.
Tattoos may seem expensive but many factors go into an artist's rate. It takes years for artist to learn the craft, develop a style and build up a clientele. Outside of the actual tattooing, additional task like designing, admin work, set up and clean up are involved. Full time artist are independent workers which means the price of the work will also cover healthcare, taxes and retirement.
Cake operates as an appointment only artist, working on 1-2 tattoos a day. While this adds to her pricing, it creates a lax environment for both her and her clients. Allowing the flexibility to make changes, move placements, take breaks, etc .

We appreciate and love all of our clients for supporting us and our small business!
Tipping is never a must but always appreciated. Industry standard is 10-20%, less works too but never more than this amount.

REST, get ya full 8hrs
EAT, a tattoo on a empty stomach is never fun
SHAVE, if you're super hairy in the area this will help alot. Doesn't have to be a fresh shave :) (ie head, thick chest hair)
SNACKS, we'll have water and candy available for clients but if you have any preferences feel free the bring them in.

Have a sunburn
Take medication (blood thinners)
If tattoo is covered with Derm keep covered for up to 2-3 days
If tattoo is covered with Saran keep covered for 3 hours

gently remove cover and wash tattoo with antibacterial or unscented soap
Be sure to remove film, ink and blood
Pat dry with paper towel
Apply ointment (Aquaphor) for 3-5 days
Apply unscented lotion until tattoo is done healing

Picking & Scratching, Tanning, Working Out, Tight Clothes
Beaches & Pools
After Tattoo is healed always wear sunscreen to prevent fading.